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Solar Install and Power Supplies to Vehicle Garage, Rye

Solar Install and Power Supplies to Vehicle Garage, Rye

Maximising Solar Power Output: our Tailored Solution for a Multi-roof Installation

In the quest for maximising solar power output, finding the right installer who can optimise roof space is crucial. Recently, a business customer approached us with this exact requirement, seeking a solution that could harness the full potential of their various roof orientations.

After careful consideration, we proposed a tailored solution featuring SolarEdge technology, renowned for its ability to optimise power output even across multiple roofs. Unlike standard string systems, SolarEdge optimisers provide a significant advantage by ensuring each panel operates at its maximum efficiency, regardless of shading or orientation challenges.

Our installation began with the addition of a new power supply to the customer's garage, complete with circuit protection and consumer units to ensure safety and reliability. Next, we installed 4.46kW of solar panels across five different roof orientations, strategically positioning the SolarEdge 10kW inverter and a 3-phase battery system within the garage.

This setup not only maximises solar power generation but also offers enhanced flexibility and efficiency. By leveraging SolarEdge technology, our customers can enjoy greater energy independence and reliability, even in the face of varying roof conditions. SolarEdge optimisers are innovative devices designed to maximise the performance of solar panel systems. By individually optimising the power output of each solar panel, regardless of shading or orientation challenges, SolarEdge optimisers ensure that the entire system operates at its peak efficiency. This technology is particularly beneficial for installations with multiple roof orientations or partial shading, where traditional string inverters may underperform.

In conclusion, our tailored solution exemplifies our commitment to delivering innovative and effective solar installations that meet the unique needs of our customers. With SolarEdge technology at the helm, we're proud to offer solutions that optimise power output while ensuring durability and reliability for years to come.

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