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Emergency Lighting Upgrade in Production Factory, Sevenoaks

Emergency Lighting Upgrade in Production Factory, Sevenoaks

Not long ago, we undertook an essential electrical project in Dunton Green, focusing on the testing and replacement of emergency lighting systems within a local bottle and container manufacturing facility. The project aimed to ensure the utmost safety standards in the workplace, particularly in the event of unforeseen emergencies. Here’s a rundown of the meticulous job we carried out:

Back Warehouse

In the back warehouse area, our task was comprehensive. We installed, wired and connected various emergency lighting fixtures to guarantee adequate illumination during crises. Here's what we accomplished:

  • Twin Spot Emergency Light: Positioned internally at a high level on the east wall, this twin spot emergency light provides robust illumination coverage
  • Internal Emergency Exit Signs: Above the fire doors, we installed two internal emergency exit signs, complete with the universally recognised running man legend, facilitating smooth evacuation procedures
  • External Emergency Lights: Two external emergency lights were strategically installed besides the exit doors. These lights are rigorously maintained to ensure functionality during emergencies
  • Additional Internal Emergency Light: On the west wall, another internal emergency light, featuring the running man legend, was installed to augment visibility

To adhere to stringent safety protocols, all cabling was meticulously laid using fireproof cable materials, ensuring optimal fire resistance.


The workshop area demanded a tailored approach to emergency lighting installation to meet the diverse needs of the space. Here’s how we enhanced safety measures:

  • Emergency Lighting Circuits: From the distribution board, we established two dedicated emergency lighting circuits - one for the near lights and another for the far lights - to ensure comprehensive coverage across the workshop
  • External Maintained Emergency Light: Positioned above the main sliding door, this externally maintained emergency light serves as a beacon during crises
  • Internal Non-Maintained Emergency Light: Above the green sliding door, a non-maintained emergency light was installed, featuring the running man legend for clear visibility
  • Additional Internal Emergency Lights: One non-maintained emergency light on the north wall, along with maintained emergency lights externally on the east and west exit doors, were strategically positioned for optimal coverage
  • Exit Directional Lights: Two non-maintained emergency light fittings on the south wall, each adorned with running man legends pointing towards the exits, were installed to guide personnel during evacuations

Once again, meticulous attention was given to the installation process, with all cabling carefully laid using fireproof materials to uphold safety standards.

In conclusion, our recent electrical undertaking in Dunton Green's bottle and container manufacturing facility exemplifies our commitment to ensuring workplace safety through robust emergency lighting solutions. By adhering to stringent standards and deploying state-of-the-art fixtures, we've significantly bolstered the facility's emergency preparedness, providing peace of mind to employees and stakeholders alike.

If you have any emergency lighting needs or want to discuss your other electrical requirements, feel free to contact us for a no-obligation quote on 01233 732881 or via our Contact Us page. As always, we're here to help illuminate your safety needs and ensure your electrical systems are up to the task.