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Brightening Up: Yard Lighting Upgrade for an Industrial Site

In our recent electrical project, we focused on improving visibility and security at an industrial site. Here’s a breakdown of the work we carried out:

We began by setting up a new lighting circuit originating from the three-phase distribution board. This forms the basis for our efforts to enhance lighting around the premises.

  • Smart Control System: For efficient management, we installed a lighting controller near the mains intake position. This controller features a digital time clock and an external photocell for automatic adjustments based on light conditions
  • Tailored Programming: We customised the timeclock to match the customer’s preferences, ensuring the lighting operates according to their specific requirements
  • Infrastructure Enhancement: To support future expansions, we provided 100m of electrical ducting, ensuring a sturdy foundation for the lighting setup
  • Lighting Columns: We supplied two 6m lighting columns with mounting space for cameras and additional lights. Each column is fitted with two LED 100w floodlights for improved visibility
  • Convenient Service Cut-Outs: At the base of each lighting column, we installed service cut-outs for easy maintenance access, minimising downtime
  • Data Connectivity: We installed cat5 duct grade data cable in the ducting for future data needs, ensuring seamless integration with the lighting setup

Overall, our goal at this commercial site was to provide practical solutions that enhance safety and efficiency without disrupting daily operations and we managed to achieve what we set out to do.

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