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Myenergi Libbi Battery Installation

Myenergi Libbi Battery Installation

In the picturesque market town of New Romney, Kent, a homeowner took the first step towards slashing their electricity bill with a forward-thinking decision - to install a 10kW Myenergi Libbi Battery system. Situated snuggly in their garage, this innovative setup included a 5kW hybrid inverter, promising both efficiency and convenience.

It all started with a simple phone call, sparked by the homeowner's desire to reduce their energy costs. Already equipped with a solar management system and a car charger, they sought to make best use of their energy provider's low nighttime rates. With the colder winter months in mind over the long term, the plan was to charge the units overnight and utilise the stored power during daylight hours - an approach we've seen yield impressive results time and time again.

Upon our initial visit, we conducted a thorough site survey, discussing the homeowner's needs and exploring the best solutions. The Myenergi Libbi system emerged as the perfect fit, capturing the homeowner's interest and earning our professional recommendation.

Fast forward to implementation day and the Myenergi Libbi system seamlessly integrated into its designated spot in the garage, as pictured - a sleek, self-contained unit measuring 1570mm high and 540mm wide. With every detail meticulously attended to, the stage was set for a future of energy efficiency and savings. From order to sign-off, this entire project was completed in just one week. This speedy turnaround demonstrates that getting it done quickly is absolutely achievable.

In the bustling world of energy management, every decision counts. By choosing the Myenergi Libbi battery system, this homeowner not only took control of their electricity costs but has also embraced a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle. Join them on the road towards a brighter, greener future - where savings are plenty and the possibilities are endless.

More on the Benefits of a Libbi Battery System

The Myenergi Libbi 10kW battery system is an innovative energy storage solution designed to maximise the efficiency and sustainability of residential energy usage. Complementing existing solar management systems and electric car chargers, the Libbi battery seamlessly integrates into the home's energy ecosystem, offering a range of benefits to homeowners looking to reduce their UK electricity bills. With its advanced features and seamless integration with existing solar and electric vehicle infrastructure, the Libbi battery empowers homeowners to take control of their energy future while contributing to a cleaner, greener planet.

  • Energy Storage and Management: The Myenergi Libbi battery system allows homeowners to store excess solar energy generated during the day for use during peak demand periods or at night when solar production is minimal. By efficiently managing energy flow, the battery system helps optimise the self-consumption of solar power, reducing reliance on grid electricity.
  • Peak Load Shifting: With the ability to charge the battery during off-peak hours when electricity rates are lower, homeowners can strategically shift their energy consumption away from expensive peak periods. This helps to flatten electricity demand curves and minimise the impact of peak pricing on the household electricity bill.
  • Increased Energy Independence: By harnessing solar energy and storing it for later use, homeowners can reduce their dependence on the grid and mitigate the effects of grid outages or disruptions. The Myenergi Libbi battery system provides a reliable backup power source, ensuring uninterrupted electricity supply during emergencies.
  • Optimised Electric Vehicle Charging: For homeowners with electric vehicles, the integration of the Libbi battery system with the existing car charger offers additional benefits. The battery can be used to store excess solar energy or cheap off-peak electricity for later use in charging electric vehicles, further reducing energy costs associated with transportation.
  • Environmental Sustainability: By maximising self-consumption of renewable energy and minimising reliance on grid electricity sourced from fossil fuels, the Myenergi Libbi battery system contributes to reducing carbon emissions and promoting environmental sustainability. Homeowners can take pride in knowing that they are making a positive impact on the planet by reducing their carbon footprint.

Battery System Functions

Libbi effortlessly integrates with your current myenergi devices, empowering it to make informed choices regarding charging or discharging, tailored to your consumption habits, tariff preferences, and self-generated power. It serves four primary functions:

  • Utilises surplus self-generated electricity, reducing reliance on the grid.
  • Determines the optimal times to procure grid electricity at the lowest rates, aligning with your time-of-use tariff.
  • Prioritises stored electricity for powering your home, eddi, or zappi devices in conjunction with your myenergi devices.
  • Seamlessly connected and user-friendly for effortless operation.

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