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Conversion of Farm Buildings to Units, Woodchurch

Conversion of Farm Buildings to Units, Woodchurch

Powering the Future: Creating an Electrical Hub for Multiple Units

In our latest project, we created a robust electrical intake system, set to become the central hub for powering multiple units, both now and in the future. Let's delve into the details of this project:

  • Electrical Intake Kiosk: We supplied and installed a durable electrical intake kiosk with double doors, serving as the main electrical hub. Strategically attached to a concrete base, this kiosk will accommodate essential electrical components.
  • Cable Containment: To ensure efficient cable management, we installed galvanised steel trunking, providing a sturdy containment system for the main supply cables leading to the main panel board.
  • Main Panel Board: At the heart of the electrical setup lies the main panel board, equipped with necessary switches and circuit breakers for power distribution.
  • Main Tails: To complete the connection, main supply tails were meticulously installed from the panel board to ensure readiness for seamless connection.
  • Electrical Intake Kiosk Electrics: Inside the kiosk, we installed a consumer unit complete with circuit protection, providing essential power distribution. Additionally, outlets and lighting fixtures were installed for convenience and safety.

In summary, our creation of this electrical intake system not only provides immediate power supply solutions but also lays the groundwork for future expansions, ensuring flexibility and efficiency for multiple units down the line.

Electrical Upgrades: Enhancing Efficiency and Safety in Farm Building Conversion

Building upon our previous project, where we established a robust electrical hub to power multiple units, our focus shifted to enhancing efficiency and safety within the farm building conversion project.

Water Treatment Plant: We started by installing a new 32A single-phase MCCB in the mains intake room, ensuring improved control and protection. Additionally, we conducted necessary testing to ensure compliance and functionality.

Units 3A, 3B, and 3C: Expanding our efforts, we implemented a range of upgrades to enhance functionality and safety across these units:

  • Distribution Board Installation: We introduced an 8-way 3-phase distribution board for efficient power distribution
  • Power Connections: Carefully integrating power sources for seamless operation
  • User-Friendly Features: Prioritising convenience with the installation of various user-friendly features
  • Lighting and Security: Strategically placed lighting and emergency bulkheads to enhance safety
  • Accessibility: Ensuring ease of access with carefully placed switches and bulkheads
  • Safety Measures: Implementing essential safety features to mitigate risks
  • Ventilation Enhancement: Addressing ventilation concerns for improved air quality

In conclusion, these electrical upgrades not only enhance functionality and safety but also build upon the foundation laid by our previous project, ensuring a seamless and efficient electrical infrastructure for the entire site.

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