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Complete Solar Upgrade: Panels, Battery, EV Charger & More, Appledore

Complete Solar Upgrade: Panels, Battery, EV Charger & More, Appledore

We recently completed an exciting solar installation project at a charming home in Ashford, Kent. This comprehensive setup is designed to significantly reduce the household's electricity bills and carbon footprint.

High-Efficiency Solar Panels

We installed 17 high-efficiency solar panels, generating approximately 6830 kWh of energy per year. These panels are crucial for making the home more energy-efficient and sustainable.

Advanced Inverter and Optimisers

To ensure optimal performance, we fitted a 5kW SolarEdge Home Hub inverter and 17 SolarEdge optimisers. With warranties of 12 and 25 years, respectively, these components offer long-term reliability and efficiency.

Reliable Energy Storage

We added a 9.7 kWh Solaredge battery with a 10-year warranty, along with a SolarEdge backup interface. This combination ensures reliable energy storage, maximising the use of solar power.

Real-Time Energy Monitoring

For effective energy management, we set up a Mobus energy monitoring meter. This meter, paired with 25 years of free monitoring from Solaredge, allows homeowners to track their energy usage through an app.

EV Charging Solution

We installed a MyEnergi Zappi electric vehicle charger, making it convenient for the homeowners to charge their EV at home. This addition supports a greener lifestyle.

Upgraded Consumer Unit

Finally, we upgraded the existing consumer unit to a modern 18th edition unit with surge protection and necessary circuit breakers for enhanced safety.

This comprehensive solar setup promises long-term savings and sustainability for the homeowners, making their home more efficient and future-ready.

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