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Solar Install at The Big Cat Sanctuary, Smarden

Solar Install at The Big Cat Sanctuary, Smarden

At the heart of Smarden, Kent, lies a sanctuary like no other – the Big Cat Sanctuary. Our endeavour in 2022 to enhance the infrastructure at the sanctuary's Arc Building has taken a sustainable turn with the integration of a state-of-the-art solar panel system.

In addition to our comprehensive electrical overhaul, which included upgrading the mains supply and implementing advanced electrical distribution systems, lighting, power, and data infrastructure, we've incorporated 48 x 450W JA solar panels, generating approximately 21.6kW of power. This solar array is expected to produce around 21,730 kWh per year, significantly reducing its carbon footprint and reliance on conventional energy sources.

The Arc isn't just a building; it's a sustainable haven where guests are immersed in comfort and conservation. With its modern amenities, including offices, a vet room, an education centre, a staff kitchen, and meeting rooms, guests can indulge in luxury while surrounded by the sanctuary's magnificent big cats.

Designed with both safety and sustainability in mind, The Arc offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience the power of renewable energy firsthand. Whether guests are relaxing in their accommodations or exploring the sanctuary's conservation efforts, every moment is illuminated by the benefits of solar power.

Furthermore, every stay at The Arc contributes directly to the sanctuary's ongoing conservation initiatives. By harnessing solar energy, we're not only providing an unforgettable guest experience but also playing a vital role in protecting endangered species for generations to come.

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